high scool trips

High School trips

Our high school trips meet IB standards (including CAS requirements) and are equally applicable to GCSE / A Level curriculums.

As with all Odyssey trips, we go beyond these core curricular requirements to include personalized experiences that empower and inspire.

We offer a range of customizable CAS, Global Citizenship, Service Learning and Environmental Science Programs. Please contact us for details, or download the following high school trips:

  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS)
  • Volcanoes of Bali (Geography)
  • Global Citizenship Week (CAS)
  • Arts and Culture of Bali (CAS)

Service Learning

For schools looking for high-integrity Service Learning programs, the Odyssey Institute offers a refreshing perspective on what is possible.

Our collaborative partnerships with local communities and organizations are an essential part of our drive to create innovative solutions to global challenges.
For more details of our conservation projects and sustainable livelihood initiatives, please see our Odyssey Effect page.


Program duration :: We offer trips from 3-10 days in duration.

Cost ::  Approximately $120 USD/day

Group size :: High school groups are usually 20-50 students. We can work with bigger groups. A small group surcharge applies to groups smaller than 20.

Locations :: We currently offer programming from locations in Indonesia and Malaysia (see locations). Additional campsites and programs can be developed upon request.

Please contact us for details…